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Friday, July 17, 2009

a week at IPGMKSM long not posting here..miss my blog and bloggers outthere..
hello guys, now i am back..currently at home, got 4 days holiday due to upcoming our agong' birthday..who???...sultang mizang r (opss)hahaa
ok, i am gonna to write about my new life at IPGMKSM..a week i was there..what had happened?it is nice or bad??hmm..errr

as usual the orientation week or called as MINGGU PENGURUSAN PELAJAR (MPP)..
the schedule was so so so me. no leisure time even 5 minutes pun..bygkan
so many things to write here but i dunno where to start first..the most happening and cherishable memory was be a turtle at bukit keluang beach..the game named celup tepung..hmm at first after be told by seniors that we need to guling2 by the sea shore without took shoes off n so on..instead completely dressed-up...errr
but after that, wauu it was superd dude!!! in my life im never doing such this kerje and i did it..we DID it...even our shoes, shirt, tracksuit, veil and everything inner ones pun got wet damn much..huhu
we did extremely enjoyed that evening
my roommate, zahraa is a pretty girl..tall, fair skin, pink lips...she's 18, kelantanese as well..huhu
my coursemates are 18 altogether..10 boys+8girls
our tutor is a sporting lect
still need much time to explore the ipgm and get to know friends more details...
everything begins now...

p/s-pics taken by mojaa-credit to him..thx


uzailun said...

bestnya lelaki ramai

adLiNa said...

cewah x aci!! bawu je g sana da holiday..isk3

mE iS aS said... gak r...

huhu...naseb bek dpt ganu..