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Sunday, July 5, 2009

they left me

hmm sorry for not updating..i had gone to shah alam for 2 days
ok. now its july
what is so special of july?
1st thing because i will be register to ipgm and be called as 'dak mktb' soon...a.k.a teacher-to-be or be called as dak ganu..err
2nd, his besday..somewhere in this month(bile ekk)kah3...
3rd-the sequel film, harry potter will be launch on 16th...hmm i am wondering whether i can watch it or not, but i will try my best..JJ is the place.
4th thing is the (ape ekk org pggl)..hmm mjlis mhantar menantu ke umh mak mertua (ntah btl ntah x), sis has married last month and coming up soon will be the turn to send her to umh mom-in-law r...this time, im not coming!!!
so, basically july is gonna be a very tiring month to me..orientation week with skema rules..reda je la
for sure a lots of assignments waiting for me..but thats ok.i love it.grrr*wink*
everybody has gone to her/his place...they left me alone..sob3
the 1st person who left me was
yuni-usm,kk (dpn umh aku jer)agaga
jelon-utm skudai
hisyam-uitm s.alam
ali-ukm bangi
nana-upm serdang
ada-uitm arau
ida-uitm s.alam
dlah-uitm penang
ili-uniten muadzam
fathi-uitm s.alam
and my friends, x-teslian kuantan-wish u all best of luck
and lastly for those who got mktb same as me but different places
wawa-ipgm kb
yuni-ipgm melaka
afiq-ipba kl


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