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Thursday, March 19, 2009

sorry madam..:<

what are biggest mistake that we had done!! mdm shima,our sporting,nice and friendly mdm...we felt really sorry..we didn`t mean to do it..mdm,please don`t mad at us..well, it goes like this..on thursday ago,we suppose to do presentation on our drama that is AN INSPECTOR CALLS...yes we did but with hmm can be sad poor and worse way...we just read the slides and do it like baby also can do the slides!!..we are not delivered well, just read them straight away..really terrible..untill at last, mdm pissed-off and left the class..she left us just like that..and not know whats going to do..but before that, she spoke..she said that..
what are you guys doing just now???bla3...u all just read the slices even my sons can also do it..ok fine,u all just do whatever u wanna do...end...
after that, we decided to ask for apologize but she didn`t bother at all..ok mdm,we admit that was our fault..but please don`t be like that..we need u..we`ll do it again..better!

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