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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

demo speech!!

for demo speech, i demostrated on how to make potpourri..huhu..actually, this brilliant idea i got from dlah, my bestfriend..i asked her what im gonna do for demo speech..n i said that i wanna make something that related to flowers..hmm and then she suggested that..ha why don`t you make potpourri...also required flowers,since u want it..that`s why i love u..huhu
so,i did it..but i think that was not my best performance..i got seriously nervous when im doing addition, the strangers came into my class and watched me..i felt poor me are..why i always got disturbed by this sort of!..i can`t do the best if the people came in and paused my performance..but never mind.past is was also my fault..i can`t handle or control my nervousness..that is what madam said to us...uhh sigh(again)..

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