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Friday, October 17, 2008

spend with him..

running off have no money in my, last night i decided to go to mega just for withdrawed some money..not for someting NO!!

i invited aiman to accompany me n qila..he three of us went to mega that night..

i did enjoy that moment..when we walked n talked to each other...we also laughed..n it was nice..

qila had her date there,so..aiman n i went back to the campus first..before we stepped out from mega..he bought an ice-cream..mocha flavour...luckily..the rain had stopped..

after we reached at campus...he rushly joined his group..actually at that night...he got he late and i didn`t know after that what happened to him..being punish or not..haha..none of my business laa...

and then..i went to relax to have my hungry lol...joined tesl group B..ordered nasi ayam..n shared ABC with nazif,yummy!!

after finished the meal..went back to campus...well..its not spend time at downstairs with aiman...

we chatted..laughed..snapped pictures..and suddenly GG came interruped us with his jokes..really life...huhu..he is a funny guy..

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