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Saturday, October 25, 2008

sandball = snowball???

we went for jog early in the morning...we refer to me,kak roh, nazif, pokjak n aiman..we left campus at 7.15am..

it was cloudy but luckily the rain was not fall down. 

we jog from campus till we reached the gelora..wau...there are many people there..well3, it was public holiday, no wonder lah..

then we got rest at seaside..we lying on the sand..rejuvenated ourselves and saw the power of God..his amazing!!

nazif,pokjak n aiman joined us..we wrote some text on the am i..

next, here comes..the war began..we played sandball..haha...eager to play snow ball actually, but we were in msia...there is no snow we decided to play sandball je..

it was fun and amusing..haha..we laughed and attacked to each other..

after that, we did the reflexilogy..the foot exercise..the purpose is to make our blood circulation flow smoothly..its quite pain and we screamed in pain..haha..every step, we made sounds..haha,so ashamed to old folks there..they just relaxed..

on the way back to campus, we dropped at restoran at kampuang nelayan...having breakfast..aiman n pokjak had ordered roti canai for each..but the boys add on another roti canai..(xckup la ktkan)..

after that,we arrived...

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