Great souls endure in silence

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Monday, July 28, 2008

lalala..lala is 29th july 2008....hmmm nothing special bout today`s date..just a date..huhu..but can be said as special `jgk la`...

bcuz this evening, im gonna to go to the mall with my boy friend..huhu...JUST TWO OF US..(wah, capital letters beb)

actually there`s nothing, just accompany his to buy pendrive..and i also have something to buy-dats is COOLING PAD

last 2 night, on sunday`s night-we have an event thats called-LAWESL this programme, everyone has to show their hidden so interested!..and dat night, i was presenting a song entitled TAKE A BOW...really2 enjoy dat performance..

hmm...on dat night also, my `hubby`...called me...and we talked bout an hour on the phone..we
shared our problems, feelings and everythings laa.

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