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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i`m back..yaho0!

this is the 1st blog that i posted since i left my sweet sweet hometown,kelate..huhu miss a lot of things there...mum,dad, everything la...

the most important is...i really miss my chubby baby, pok mum told me that, after i left home,he was missing..running away from home and till now still not back home. i guess maybe he got frustrated or even miserable coz im not with him anymore..

oh pok tamku...plz forgive me...this August i`ll be, could you plz back to our home..our lovely `room`....

about my life far so good la...still can manage to handle my new world properly. i have a lot of friends here..they were so splendid...bout tutorials classes...wau, i got a buck of assignments to be submit..a little bit stress..but thankful, everything is in control..

everyday, i called my mum...miss her a lot.damn it!! be continue...

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