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Sunday, September 4, 2011

too young to....

dear prince,

sorry but i have to. sorry because i lied to u. it was u that forced me to do so

i have no intention to hurt u nor to break your heart and tore in into pieces. u yourself that made all this happened. at the very beginning, i have set my mind not to become close to u and just be your friend. but it was not my fault. i do nothing. why are u acting weird and making me uncomfortable ? i told u, money cant buy us happiness. i am not a materialistic girl. if u think all girls are the same, u are totally wrong. u thought that when u gave me those expensive-high-branded things, i can be yours ? hahah funny thinking. 

i am not playing your feeling. yet i am just 21 Y/O. please please. treat me like a friend. because this is what i do to u. several times i told u that dont give me anything. i just want this friendship with sincerely. but u broke them all. i was very surprised when you posted me. u lied to me. u asked my address saying that u wanted to send me kad raya..ok.i believed u. but something else together with the kad raya arrived. wtf

at the moment, i really pissed-off. u had just crashed my pride. i know that u have money and dont know what to do with that money kn..mklum la org kaya kn. i dont need your money. just keep it yourself. simpan wak p mekah ok ! due to your stubbornness, i have decided to tell a lie. i dont want give u 'hope' sending a message,

[im taken]

i thought that u will understand and accept the reality..we are just friends !

a few seconds later...

u replied with such a broken heart..i know how do u xyah r nk maki hamun kn. using vulgar words in your fb status. tp xpe laaa..sng jer unfriend jer la kn. sorry but i made a right desicion..

laki n pmpuan mmg xleh kwn baek pum !

p/s uhh..wak esemens best jgk ni


Anonymous said...

yes, yes i understood

eiymnajmie said...

nie dialog drama korea mane satu nie?? huhuhu

mE iS aS said...

anonymous : good !

eim : ne ade..original la beb

CiK AiFa.. said...

love this post so muchhhh