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Thursday, August 4, 2011

ramadhan's stories

ohh by the way, i think its not too late to wish all of u
SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK last kempunan telah was very happy when my parents and i sat together and we broke the fast with delicious and mouthwatering meals in front of us. 
*itulah org kate, nikmatnye bbuke bsama keluarga..sob2

maka, dgn itu ikan d bwh ini telah mjadi ratahan bgku..haha..i was so eager to get this fish when i went to bazar kg raja and bazar kole besut. but i couldnt manage to buy it. it was so expensive lol. so sabo je la. tahan pnyer tahan. well im only a student. *sengket sehh

from mr google je okey. xsempat pum nk ambk gmbo sbnr.

sampai je umh smlm, around 230pm called my mom..asked her to buy me the fish. at that moment, she together with dad at bachok. so alang2 balik, dorang drop r kt bazar tu.

next story, during fasting month, the wajib menu for sahur is

 yup, its murtabak. i like murtabak daging the most rather than murtabak ayam. doesnt know why. maybe daging is more delicious than chicken. perhaps. mmg ni menu wajib r. so slame sebulan bpuasa, maka sbulan la mkn bnde ni. jemu xjemu, telan je jahh oii

haa, okey big bang..opss.. i mean big plan here is to organise bbuke puasa bsama dgn GENG SEEPPY..haha..saje je. kitorg plan nk beli ayam dlm gmba ni sekor (ckup kot) haha..pastu nasik tu tanak r sndri (kantoi d stu)..

p/s ku mgharapkn ramadhan kali ini penuh mkna...

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