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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


god please forgive me because of my bad mouth
but i cant control it anymore
what a damn shit optical shop !!!
** somewhere in jerteh

your gonna seek for your rubbish attitude
such a huge liar
arghhhh...very made me pissed-off
rm 120 is burning for nothing..does not worth at all
how could you willing to treat your nice and sweet customer like this..waaa
tau r elaun cikgu br masuk syialll je..puuiii

ive bought two pairs of that time, i was very desperate to get them
because the next day, i gonna off to shah alam for KOGUM 2011. 
the things was wrong somewhere. and i did little mistake because i didn't check the lens before took off from the shop. yelaa mane la sy tau bnde nk jd gini an...(innocent face)

i asked the pakcik and bro (kot, nmpk mude ag)..that i wanted color lens, doesn't care bout what color but the vital is the power itself..and the measurement must be 14mm


okey done. so he gave me. fine pakcik said rm120..fine again. i didn't say anything. sbb rushing kn. just give him and blahhh..

after reached at maktab, and took out from plastic..*^%$!*()% hah segale bnde dlm hutan habes kuar r kn..

punyer la bengang thap cipan.
first.. dunno which one is right and which one is left.
second.. the measurement doesn't match. 1 box is 14mm. the other is 14.2mm..what the hell
third..1 box has 2 pairs but the other box only has a pair (yg ni nk mrh skali)

mmg syialll kn...ase nk bako je kdai tu

but sokay. past is past. definitely after this, i wont go there anymore. sumpah ! 
tp rugi rrr..


belog|amiyo said...

singgah sini. takpe kan? hehe

Anonymous said...

demo ni paka sepek ko dok?
ko paka kontek lens?

mE iS aS said...

belogamiyo :
sokay je..haha...

anonymous :
paka duo2

Anonymous said...

come paka sepek lagi....hi2