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Saturday, January 22, 2011

weekend at it would be ?

what a bore life it was. i meant for today only. doing nothing unless for training this morning, for about 2 hours. enjoyed so much. thx guys ;)

love action starts
bgaya seh c zaem main
yeah tu die, klon azlan iskandar mktb
korg xpenat ke wey, xbhenti2 main
cayalah korg br je bljr main, tp da gune 2dots ball.
senior tu xbuang plastik grip, kelaka tol
 next, back to boredom ! with nobody surround me, except for some people in virtual world. ok. messages and facebook more exact. while waiting for buddies to come, i watched some episodes of The Vampire Diaries. its been a long time since last i watched them. really missed Salvatore Brothers.. Damon for sure ! his eyes, would drives me crazy..  with his gazing, alluring voice.. ohhh stop it as... dont u try to start... cut that crap. 

 well im taking this opportunity to thank my loving cute roommate for bringing me up some food. Edlee Kentucky Fried Chicken..thx sayam ! (itu mmg panggilan kami)..u guys, do not misunderstanding us ;p 
ni lah rumet saya..ngeh3..single ag tau..pomot sket
 actually im a lil bit craving here, all day along not eating nasik maaa.. the moment she came in, i feel like 'yeayy' was not because im afraid of being alone, just feel different laa. in fact, last night i slept in sha's room. feel more comfortable so that i could sleep well. i love that !
good night everybody...sleep tight


ayuakira said...

mcm kenal je rumet awk tu =p
ex budak aras sy =)

ijatnuar87 said...

heheeh...waduh2 buk...trening utk turnamen apa ini ibuk?hehehhe

mE iS aS said...

ayu : la yeke..kdri ea ?

ijatnuar : hahhha...gunakan squasy tuk trunkan berat bdn..tuk taekwondo tourney