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Monday, May 3, 2010

the truly me

(a) Tulis 23 perkara rawak (random) tentang diri anda (tak kisah ler benda tu fakta ke angan-angan ker cita-cita ker imaginasi ker tentang 'body' ker awek, pakwe, makwe etc.)
(b) Tag lak benda ni kepada rakan blog anda (sekurangnya 5 orang)
(c) Kalau tak ikut peraturan, di mana keseronokan "TAG-TAGGED-TAGGING" ni :)
1) im a gal
2) with 45 kg, 153 cm
3) taking social science in ipg besut
4) surrounded with the best best buddies eva
5) hate liar, and backstabber(damn)
6) a selfish, stingy and hot-tempered person
7) a good listener
8) a great lover, once ive been in a relationship, i want it last forever
9) a lil bit naughty n pampered
10) b4 dis, really hate,not anymore
11) outside-im with 6 jahanam geng
12) inside- im with seppy geng
13) a taekwondo fighter
14) eager to go overseas
15) during schooltime, wanna be a vet
16) last couple was in form 4
17) looking for branded stuffs ( with terms n conditions)
18) a youngest daughter
19) very hard to fall in love
20) dont trust nobody
21) i love u oll
22) happy with my life
23) im mostly taken ;p

so, persons who are lucky are......jeng3


n.a.n.a said...

23) im mostly taken ;p

wow. do i sense love in the air. ahaks :D

mE iS aS said...

hahahahaa..never trust love