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Thursday, January 7, 2010

talk about love

praise to we have much time together..maybe once or twice a week, we meet..huhu...until on march i think..because his practical will end on march..compared to previously..once a year pun sometimes difficult to make..just now, i met him at kbmall and moving on to kemaman kopitiam..discussing about work..ceyy..huhu.yes that's right..he gave me some work to be done. he's torturing me guys..waaaaa...the purpose actually is to buy some books that i need..economy, ethnography, and a novel entitled " a mother's tears" writeen by Soo Cham..for this sem, i gonna to novel for my English Language Academic Reading..back to original, the time to be together i will appreciate perfectly because this is the chance that i have to get more closer and knowing him better..

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