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Sunday, November 15, 2009

examination's week as!!!

no more facebooking...sorry, i just can't...

but try to limit it, yes!

ok it seems now, there's been an addicted environment among ipgmksm' students...haha..addicted to facebook..some of them were newcomer and some were former users.uhh

2 more papers to go. ks 1 n ks 2..and i am not finish study yet..for history subject, it makes me feel fed up when i opened the book and scrutinized it. a few minutes later, for sure i'll be on my bed..zzzzzz...but for geo paper, i love is my favourite subject since in lower secondary of the reason was, because the teacher that taught me geo was a handsome and lanky man-(cg.rusli..maherians dont be jelous k)..

to be honest, my previous papers..were english and malay languange. i think that i am not doing my best on both papers. yes, i'm not!..the 1st papaer was english. i admitted that i studied so hard on this but unlucky, on essay part..i didn't performed my best. i stucked!.it took so many time to finish it. whereas i only have about half an hour. as a result, i overtimed it. very disappointed on myself. i called my mom and cried..shame on me~ next was malay languange. on this subject, we did study group a night before the exam. but yet, i still couldn't do my best. it was because the questions that came out was different from what i am studied. ok. i studied about vocal, instead the consonan came*t...

so for this upcoming papers...i am not aspecting nothing..i just answer the questions and hope that it will be on my side..god the almighty


zaim najmie said...

hey gurlz, dun worriey...i also didn't performed well 4both papers especially bm..dunno y...just da best 4 ks paper1 en 2, its our power!!! hidup social unit!!! yeah!!!

hafix said...

1. gud luck 4 ur exam (",)
2. aku dah addicted ngan nur kasih hehe
3. thx fren!

adLiNa said...

hehe..yeke da limit facebooking nih?

mE iS aS said...

zaim: yeahh..dats wht i like..if failed, we failed together k..haha..n sukses together..whteva is, we still together..dats our 4eva.kakakka

apih: nur kasih??eeee xguna pnyer zahar..pengaruhi apihku..haha

nana: ye la..da kurg da nyer addicted lvel 69% tau