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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

persuasive speech-single is better than couple-

at comes to final speech..the last speech that i delivered in this foundation...TESL...PROUD!!!..haha..because after this, i do not know where im gonna to pursue my study...which faculty where i belong back to this speech, at first i thought that i wanted to give a speech entitled ORGAN DONATION but then a day before the real speech, i found that wawan also is gonna to do it..he has the same topic with, i need to change it..because for sure, he do not want to change it..well, i know him...lelaki kan!!..uhhh..but never mind, i already have a spare topic..which is BEING SINGLE IS BETTER THAN BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP...haha..what a nice topic kan??so, i brainstormed the points that prove that single is better than couple..haha...

here i have five reasons why being single is an awesome. firstly, you can take time to find the right woman/man. one of our reasons for staying single is that you can afford to wait for your true soulmate. remember that, if you are in a relationship now, it does not mean that you`ll end up with marriage and it also does not guarantee that your gf/bf now is going to be your future husband and wife. it is because we are still young, just 18 or maybe same of us are 19..we even do not know what might comes/happens in the future.
second point is freedom. when you are single, the world is your oyster. you can pick up and go anywhere you want, do anything you want, anytime you want. you are absolutely free to hang up with your buddies and find plenty of time for your personal interest and hobbies. best of all, you have the luxury of being all by yourself, if you feel like it.
third, you can have friends. being single everyone and enyone is your best friend. there is no jelousy. but if you are in a relationship now, for sure you can`t hang out with your different gender of friends. your gf/bf might get jelous and both you will get into a fight. but being single, it is no big deal. there is no fight waiting for you.
fourth is nobody gets hurt. very few relationships end in marriage.
as a single person, the biggest heart break you`ll experience is frustration. i am not deny that during relationship, there are peace and love.but once broken ( not as consider sold) but it might tend to ridiculous way. commonly a suiside case is very related to this.
lastly, you have money. dating has its price. you pay for evrything, hands down. once you get serious, the guy might start buying you dinner. this seems nice until you realize that have gotten so serious that you have just spent nearly about Rm1000 for him/her in just a month. being single allows you to keep all the money you earn.
so, the most important is there is no coupling in islam.

for single person out there, there is nothing to be ashamed off.not everyone is built to be in a relationship, and other people are not ready.

hmmm,basically this was my persuasive speech..lebih kurang la...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I think you've encapsulated the mission of this blog and our challenge.