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Monday, February 23, 2009


hmm...wah,so long not posting blog..well as usual..getting busy with assignments,tests,snippet and problems as well..uhh...i think that my life now is getting fault!..i shouldn`t blame and hate our frienships just waiting for the time to break..its not what im intended.plz to me,like usual..or im the person who need to talk to him first??oh no!!..i can`t do that..

today is the most boring day in this class! just staying in my room,watching movie DEATH NOTE..and viewed the pictures, flashback memories..i miss my friends,dlah,ili,aini,yuni,nana,ida..just now, my mom called..i really miss her.damn so 2 weeks,i`ll go back to my hometown..i got 5 days holidays..and i also know that during that weeks,i`ll have many assignments to bring finish march,i have demo speech..still don`t know what kind of demo i`ll present..but in my mind now,i was thinking to make potpourri..we`ll see it!ok..

next,i just got the allowance.rm750..this is the last allowance that we got for this sem..aka the last sem.hmm..the baki from previous allowance,i still have about to sum up,rm1000 altogether..hmm quite byk laa..but,im not going to spend them in shopping bla bla..instead i wanted to keep it..then when it reaches the amount around rm1500..i will use it..hahah..actually i really2 need a handphone that canggih laa..mcm2 eager to have sony ericcson slide..still thinking which model..

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